“Where can I go?  I am here.”


Of the spiritual world, it is said that it will speak to you if you listen and it will stop if you don’t.  Ask and you shall receive.  We become good at whatever we practice and the foundation of spiritual practice is the practice of being.  Just being is, after all, the ultimate listening.  We are not coming and going, doing and striving, judging and changing, but rather simply being.  We are learning that there’s nowhere to go because we are already there.  God simply is, and to be like God we must simply be.  For all of our lives we were taught to be scurrying about, distracted and distracting.  But there is no teacher higher than what is, higher than the truth.

This universe is not going anywhere that it has not already gone and already been.  It’s seeming comings and goings are merely the tracks of perception straying from unity.  All ideas exist only in relation to all of the others, the split fragmentation of the one into many.  Likewise all seeming forms in creation are like shapes on the side of one jagged cliff.  The act of expansion and contraction or separation and unity is what makes knowing itself possible.  That all is one can not only be seen in time, but also in a stillness preserved within motion.  Everything in this universe is a piece of the puzzle, cut from the same cloth of wholeness.  In the absolute there is no coming and no going, nothing has ever really ever left the source.  It is part of one geometry.

Because of this fundamental unity, insight into reality comes to us only as a sort of three-dimensional package, a “download” which we unwrap in time.  Miracles do not manifest as some force of individual will but rather as a holistic and complete synchronicity.  An illustration of this is walking through a bookstore and realizing that every idea in every book in the entire store already exists and only exists in relation to every idea in every other book in the store.  Every single book, paragraph, sentence and word is only a reflection or refraction of the others, a perspective separable from the whole only by virtue of our perception.  The books are already there, reflecting each other, though to revisit their contents we must ‘unwrap’ each one in time.

Each book, therefore, is really a kind of ignorance as much as it is knowledge.  Whatever knowledge it reports is merely a temporary departure from unity.  Reading the book is like a dream where we depart from unity for a time in order to experience temporary ignorance, temporary separation, in order to know something.  While it is true that practice is linear, practice opens the dimension to the non-linear, or the subtler and subtler recognition of synchronicity which ever approaches unity – a miracle of unity that has always and eternally existed.  We do not will miracles or synchronicity into existence, we merely participate in their eternal existence.

Our conventional programing looks at things very linearly but enlightenment or a ‘download’ which reveals the world to be inside out comes from approaching unity through ever subtler waves of synchronicity. The gist of miracles or existence is that things don’t simply exist out there and we happen to see them, but rather our perception is required for existence itself.  It is only because we move the camera around the motionless jagged mountain cliff that there is motion in the frame.  Enlightenment comes to us packaged because it already is, complete in itself.  Miracles are not somehow ‘manifested.’  They always were, and come to exist for us simply by virtue of being seen.  We merely unwrap the ones which we are able to, the ones we are ready to perceive, the ones that interest us.

9 thoughts on “Miracles

  1. The concept of [psychological] programming is really fascinating. I personally like the idea of an participator-observer Creator; like Maimonides explaining the likeness of G-d – not that G-d has a physical body, rather that Man’s intellectual/spiritual capacity is a reflection of that which is Above (an experiential one, at that). If that makes any sense! Nice post.

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