Vibration and Enlightenment

music and enlightenment

Entrainment is a phenomenon observed in nature and, because of our interdependence with everything, entrainment or synchronization with our environment is a gateway to larger reality which is opened by meditation practice within our very bodies.

As a life long musician I came to realize that love of music comes from putting our entire self in synchronicity with music, a time when our whole being is on the same page, vibrationally speaking.  When the song ends, the synchronicity ends, but it was fun while it lasted!  Having experimented long with binaural beat and entrainment technology, I came to realize that a unique suffering within our bodies and minds occurs because of lack of synchronicity – we are literally of many minds.

When we are meditating, we are putting our whole body and mind into synchronization.  Our “many minds” are able to meet each other, become aware of each other and come to know each other.  Rather than fighting with ourselves, we become vibrationally acquainted with ourselves and we come to realize that thoughts, emotions and what we call the world are experienced first as vibration and only then connected with memory and stored experience.  Experientially, we become more harmonized.

In this way, the only self awareness we achieve is achieved through the mechanism of vibration.  Realizing that we are a closed meat bag in which no light enters, we come to see that our only contact with reality is through the narrow band of our five sense and the only world we are privy to is our vibrational interpretation of this feeble information.  Through the physical and mental synchronization which occurs in meditation practice we synthesize these interpretations of reality into a relatively more organic and objective whole which does not include the delusion of separate self.  The sense of separate self has been negated by being harmonized with the inner realization that we are not separate.

As our bodies and minds become more synchronized we begin to open new channels of awareness because where there was inner conflict before, there is now the clear seeing which is able to penetrate reality in a deeper way.  Our very instrument becomes more tuned and we begin to literally “see” with our bodies.  With this comes the realization that the entire Bardo of Life is but a thin veneer created by the play of vibration.  More deeply, we realize that it is only the interpretation of a narrow band of vibration which creates our reality rather than the vibration itself.  The universe is an open secret but we must open ourselves to know it.

To come to see the anatman or no-self is to have synchronized the inner interpretations of vibration to the point where we recognize none constitute a self by process of self awareness or negation.  Seeing the anatman is liberation, enlightenment in Buddhist terms.  This, of course, does not mean that the motion of the universe is stopped, it means that the motion of the universe is perceived without the distortion of the conceptual overlay of ‘self.’  There is no voice within this hall of mirrors to be called self.

The information that the mystic has access to through vibration is, therefore, noticeably increased as practice continues.  However, the ego, having not been synchronized entirely, usurps this information right up until it is discovered to be a fraud.  This is why it is karmically very dangerous to seek Sidhis (spiritual power) without discipline, discernment and a keen view of the goal of realizing no-self or enlightenment.  It is like a child playing with fire.

The ego is a projecting mechanism which happens within us and corrals ALL of our experience into “what does it mean to me?”  This projecting mechanism will eventually be uncovered through practice and seen to be ignorance and the very cause of suffering.  When this projecting mechanism, ego, is in control of the host body it can only cause suffering because it mistakes itself as separate from the world and, by definition, against it.  Rising up against the ‘world,’ it is only rising up against itself because the world is, again, only inside of us, mistaken, unexamined interpretations we have made of the limited information our five senses deliver.  This is the difference between one who is enlightened and one who is asleep.  The enlightened one watches the sleeping one dream and fight with himself within a bag of skin.

9 thoughts on “Vibration and Enlightenment

  1. Great piece. As a musician I can really relate to this. I can see a very clear and necessary connection between my musical and spiritual development. I’m a huge fan of binaurals too. Use them on an almost daily basis!

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  2. The frequency reminds me of microbes synchronizing. Bacteria and microbes have a tendency to sing. Maybe the binaural and meditation create an atmosphere of mental clarity but also of the body, with our cells. Just, a hunch really.

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      • I like that. I’ve come across people that appear unhealthy but have healthy cells. They laugh a lot. I’ve come across others that look healthy but are falling apart. They have lots of stress. I think there’s a lot of truth to what you’re saying. That health is weighted toward looks is only part of it. We must find our rhythm and enjoy ourselves

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