There Is No World


“Ideas Leave Not Their Source”

– A Course in Miracles

We are born alone, of projected separateness, and we die alone within the same cocoon of our projections.  During our perceived lifespan we are subject only to our own projections from the inner law of Karma, the law of cause and effect, brought about by our own original split.  These projections never leave their source because they and their source are not two.  There is no separate perceiver and world and there is no mechanism called karma or cause and effect except as mistaking our interpretations for some outside reality.  This is what is meant by “delusion is enlightenment.”  This mechanism, understood correctly, is the nature of our existence and this understanding is synonymous with non-dual reality or enlightenment to the fact that you cannot separate perceiver from perception.  It is a turning inside out, a turning around to see that thoughts and projections onto a world never left their source but rather are the same as their source and what we call a world exists only through the animating light of original mind.

So from a practical standpoint, the only thing we have to fear is becoming mesmerized by these seeming divisions and we are the creators and creations of our own making.  We can place our awareness in our Hara and face our fears which arise from there.  We can also place our awareness gently in our hearts and become aware of the mechanism of memory, projection and karma which take place in our heart center and begin the alchemical process of understanding and accepting that our projections are our own.  The work of enlightenment is to face and surrender our projections, and actualize the ability to abide nowhere within the seeming world of projections, a ‘cleaving to God.’

The mechanism of surrender is something like this:  A piano has 88 keys, a Les Paul has 24 frets and we are told we have 7 chakras, stacked upon each other.  The notes we have are finite and, since our body is our universe, our whole universe can be explored within this body of emotional tones.  We like to play the notes of the heart, voice and head, maybe even a little stomach.  We do not, for the most part, like to descend down to fear, shame and guilt where the split into duality has originated.  The notes of our inner universe often create cacophonous chords which we continue to project and leave largely unexamined.  By becoming aware that we are the ones playing the wrong chord we naturally begin to harmonize ourselves.  This harmony is a wholeness which ‘blunts all edges, unties all tangles, harmonizes all lights and unites the world into one whole.’  It is this harmonious wholeness from which we can begin to ascend to higher octaves.

Surrender begets surrender all the way down to the healing of our original split.  The healing of our original split can manifest as pure black pain, the dark night of the soul when shit gets real and we come face to face with the fact that we’ve only been fighting with ourselves in a burlap sack the whole time.  David Hawkins, author of Power Vs. Force and The Pathway of Surrender, describes his dramatic personal experience of “the final doorway” below:



Within the mirrored walls of Samsara where we dream awake there are made varied and divided desire bodies of perception experiencing various levels of subtlety and vibrational reality and it is this seemingly endless variation which distracts us from looking toward our unborn mind and awakening the sleeping dragon beyond form which we intuit to exist though we do not quite know its name, location or body.  Dogen summed up the fact that there is no independently existing world and ideas leave not the source of perception in the Mountains and Rivers Sutra about 750 years ago:

All beings do not see mountains and waters in the same way. Some beings see water as a jeweled ornament, but they do not regard jeweled ornaments as water. What in the human realm corresponds to their water? We only see their jeweled ornaments as water. Some beings see water as wondrous blossoms, but they do not use blossoms as water. Hungry ghosts see water as raging fire or pus and blood. Dragons see water as a palace or a pavilion. Some beings see water as the seven treasures or a wish-granting jewel. Some beings see water as a forest or a wall. Some see it as the Dharma nature of pure liberation, the true human body, or as the form of body and essence of mind. Human beings see water as water. Water is seen as dead or alive depending on causes and conditions. Thus the views of all beings are not the same. You should question this matter now. Are there many ways to see one thing, or is it a mistake to see many forms as one thing? You should pursue this beyond the limit of pursuit. Accordingly, endeavors in practice-realization of the way are not limited to one or two kinds. The ultimate realm has one thousand kinds and ten thousand ways. When we think about the meaning of this, it seems that there is water for various beings but there is no original water-there is no water common to all types of beings. But water for these various kinds of beings does not depend on mind or body, does not arise from actions, does not depend on self or other. Water’s freedom depends only on water. Therefore, water is not just earth, water, fire, wind, space, or consciousness. Water is not blue, yellow, red, white, or black. Water is not forms, sounds, smells, tastes, touchables, or mind-objects. But water as earth, water, fire, wind, and space realizes itself. For this reason, it is difficult to say who is creating this land and palace right now or how such things are being created. To say that the world is resting on the wheel of space or on the wheel of wind is not the truth of the self or the truth of others. Such a statement is based only on a small view. People speak this way because they think that it must be impossible to exist without having a place on which to rest.

11 thoughts on “There Is No World

  1. I appreciate where you are and how you express it. But yes, how to do it simply, directly. If you do not know of The Conscious Process (blog), Bob O’Hearn, I think you would appreciate it quite a lot.

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  2. I guess I find myself wondering, so often; why is it that so many people agree that various things are happening in “the world”? For instance; that Trump will soon be president?

    If there is no world, then are there no “people” beside myself? Is there you? Or is there a field in which all of us exist as projected splits from the Oneness; do you and I and many others share this field, our projections semi-coordinating in this field to produce a group hallucination in which agreed-upon things seem to happen over “time” in a way that many of us experience variations on a theme such as “Trump is gathering bigots to help him tear up this country and make it a land of white supremacists and opportunistic politician/businessman?”

    There is no world, but is there a group “world hallucination field?”

    How does one get to the point where the field does not feel like it’s grinding us into the dust?

    I’ve begun to study Buddhism by the way. I’d appreciate any articles on the basics you can point me to. I’m considering becoming a renunciate, probably in the Mahayana tradition. Not that I don’t plan to study Theravada and Zen as well, just that I appreciate the myth-logic. It speaks to me in ways that the mind logic can’t always do.

    Thanks for this challenging article 🙂

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    • Hey Bobi, Trump good, Trump bad, what’s the difference between eh and oh? Samsara and nirvana all come from your mind. Renunciate Vs householder, same thing. The point is to drop knowing that there is a world and see what happens… at first nothing, a sort of darkness, but then this darkness is found to be quite illuminating. I would say just sit, do nothing, think nothing, focus on the breath and keep going!


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