Plain as Day


The great mind or the one mind is something we can experience right now and see as plain as day.  It contains all minds and bodies within it right here, right now.  And it is our birthright, our natural state, not dependent on effort but rather on the letting go of self and effort.  In truth, there are no selves within this big mind of ours.

Our small minds, with their vexations, wrong beliefs and misguided views, are all contained within this one mind which, again, is ours to experience right now.  This mind is not merely above, below or behind us, but we and everyone else are truly within it.  In this way, we and everyone else are within ourselves.  We are, plain as day, one open, luminous expanse.

That this one mind is not plain as day to many is the greatest shame.  If we all helped each other to live together with the view of this one mind the world would live in harmony and for the sane welfare of all.  This is what the Bodhisattva wants but is so hard to effect.  Within the one mind, we have created false factions of small suffering minds, each asleep to the one mind, reflecting back unto itself the ignorance of suffering, separation and a false personal world of pretend regrets and confusion.  The one mind sees us suffering needlessly, unaware of the ocean of unity in which we are swimming, right now.

Mindfulness and meditation practice bears fruit and we eventually have access to this one mind, we become this one mind.  This one mind is the ground of reality, the mind of “God,” and our original mind.  Whatever other aspects of liberation we may see or attain, this one mind is our true perspective, our true abode.  It is right under our noses, right in front of our eyes and it is ours if we would only allow our selfish perspective to soften enough to meet it.

Do not stop until you become this one mind.  Wake up from the personal dream at all costs.  When one wakes up, she serves the whole immeasurably.  Wake up in your nervous system, your body, your thinking, your actions, your words, your seeing and your understanding.  Honesty is the way, radical honesty.  Honest in silence, vulnerable in not-knowing, authentic in our gestures and genuine in our fumbling for words that we know are just an attempt to conjure something from the silence of the one mind.  The hardest thing is to be plain as day.

2 thoughts on “Plain as Day

  1. Seems like one’s capacity to experience themselves as both the Consciousness which is before the mind, and then the Mind which (as i understand it) proceeds from consciousness, at one and the same time, is perhaps the most blessed state. Then comes fearlessness, spontaneity, creativity and play 🙂

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