The search for reality is kind of ironic.  Why are we starting from a perspective which is not reality in the first place?  If reality is right under our noses, why can’t we see it?

There is not much you can say about reality, but there is a lot you can say about what is not reality.  Before we have met reality, we feel that there is us and there is a world, and that we must fit into this world somewhere.  But this is backwards.  There is no “world” out there, it is all in here – in this body and this mind.  We are making our world from inside of ourselves by practicing knowing instead of practicing not knowing.  “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble.  It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” (Mark Twain).

These days it seems like we all know lots of stuff.  Science, religion, economics, cultural norms… These are all things that we think are outside of us that we think we can know.  When we do feel we “know” these things, we may get the feeling that our “knowledge” is incomplete, hollow or not in line with reality.  Well, that’s because it isn’t reality, it’s just some made up BS.  It’s funny that we call it “knowledge” at all.  Now, what we’ve done, is replaced not knowing with phony knowing and in the process we’ve forgotten how to not know.  Knowing something for sure that just ain’t so is what Buddhists call delusion.  Our world is built on bullshit.

As we move deeper down the rabbit hole in meditation, we come to see that the rabbit hole isn’t outside of us somewhere, it’s all inside of us.  We’re going down the tunnel of BS that we’ve created out of misinterpretation and knowing what just ain’t so.  This tunnel of BS isn’t just in our brain but in our whole nervous system.  This is why seated meditation, with back straight, allows us to straighten not only our delusional thoughts about reality but also their impulse and energy source in the brain in our stomachs or hara.

It is a sad fact for human evolution that even though we have had the technology of meditation for thousands of years and have been told repeatedly that we are living in isolation from reality that we continue not to pay attention.  We continue to make enemies out of each other.  In this way, we are our own worst enemy.  How many people are killed each year in the middle east because someone knows that only they know who ‘God’ is and what ‘God’ wants?  It should be clear that this is complete madness yet the fight over absurdly false choices continues on and on for some reason.  This is just plain crazy.

And don’t forget the ridiculous secular causes we both create and then fight against.  Some of the best include “war on cancer,” “war on poverty,” “war on drugs,” and of course the ever brilliant “war on crime” and even the “war on terrorism!”  Look at our “health” care system.  Look at our economic system.  Look at the behavior of our governments.  Watch the ‘experts’ bicker over which nonsense sounds like better nonsense on cable news.  Sometimes it seems we are out of touch with reality to such a degree that it’s time for a “war on being an idiot.”

When we begin the path of meditation, we may have grand religious thoughts, feelings and convictions.  These are fantastic tools for making a mental break with the madness of the common world around us and they are ideas which vibrate very highly.  But as we progress, we see that they were only sign posts which pointed the way and were every bit as ridiculous as the ridiculous notions they were trying to cure.  There is one mind in which we are all living.  Once you cross the shore, no need to carry the raft around with you.

Idiocracy was one of my favorite movies.  It’s about a future in which humankind has completely replaced reality with marketing slogans and everyone has forgotten how to receive any feedback from reality whatsoever.  I’m afraid it’s already here.  I’m not sure if we’ve come too far already but I am sure of one thing – despite being around for thousands of years, meditation is more necessary and relevant now than it has ever been.

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