We are living in the dark!  Our head is an absolutely closed box – scientifically.  We have known for quite some time that there is no light which reaches the brain.  It is pitch black in there.  The images of the outer world we see are projected like an inner movie inside of our head where, again, no light reaches.  The same inner movie is played while we dream, with eyes shut, in the dark.  Again, absolutely no light, no actual contact with the “real world.”

When we practice meditation we become intimately familiar with our “inner world.”  In fact, familiar is not the word.  We become aware of our inner workings for so long that we get positively bored of the whole thing, realizing that it is like a chicken with its head cut off.  It keeps running in circles but doesn’t know itself and doesn’t know why.  Meditation fixes this problem because awareness is curative.

Talking about “killing the ego” is just poetry.  There is no one thing called “ego,” so there’s nothing to “kill.”  The dead chicken may still run around in circles but we now know it’s just a chicken with its head cut off so we can ignore it until it stops running around.  The chicken is just left over inner interpretations from information received through our senses.  All of the “information” we think we have is not information, it is interpretation.  Scientifically, mathematically, absolutely.  All of it is interpretation.  Clearing away the ego or confusion is just the first step.  It should no longer fool us into believing it as we move deeper into reality through meditation.

So it is only on the pitch black inside of this very body where our entire reality manifests itself on the inner movie screen of our mind.  This interpretation is the only reality we can ever know of this human life, period.  But is this the only knower we can ever become?


We now know for ourselves that the “knower” is not the dead chicken.  I guess here is where we let the atheists off the bus.  (By the way, atheists are the same as crazy bible people.  They say they believe something they can’t possibly know.)

The basic process from here, put into words that don’t sound ridiculous, is this.  Consciousness, or knowing, is a kind of thing just like water and air are kinds of things.  Consciousness, or knowing, is a quality, like heat.  There can be more of it or less of it depending on whether the environment is favorable or unfavorable for its presence, just like a dry climate is less favorable for water than a wet climate.  By negating the chicken with its head cut off, we can now start to explore, identify and get comfortable in the consciousness behind the chicken mind.

This consciousness or knowingness or awareness can be felt and “summoned” by becoming sensitive to it through meditation.  It can be felt just like a breeze and is described as essence or suchness.  It is the hallmark spiritual quality whose subtle presence can be sensed even by our pitch dark caveman brains.

Furthermore this awareness, for us, has a conductive quality.  It has been described as a bridge.  This conductive substance can be felt from three main centers, the tanden or brain in our navels, the heart and the head.  What it conducts to is some aspect of a greater reality of which we were previously unaware and which can barely be interpreted by our closed meat box and has certainly had a tough time being communicated in our everyday zeitgeist, symbols and language.  An experience of this reality outside of our closed box is Satori or enlightenment.

So if we are like a little bug trapped in our dark box and we somehow are able to communicate with our owner to take the lid off and let the light in for a minute, we can only do this through suchness and awareness because this is the only bridge we have from this hunk of meat to anything outside of this hunk of meat.

If we are happy with our dark bug dream life then we do not need to worry about creating the conditions for awareness to arise and surrendering our dream so that we can be conducted to a larger, more detailed reality.  But when we look at things from an evolutionary standpoint, we may come to the conclusion that this practice of mastering our chicken minds, cultivating awareness and learning to conduct ourselves to a more detailed level of reality is in our best interests.

8 thoughts on “Satori

  1. I share your assertion that much described as atheism is itself untenable and fundamentalist in its view of things. The madness always reduces down to something I can’t force my heart to accept, and then I wander through the trees again, letting butterflies share their secrets with me…

    Enjoy your writing and your observations…

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  2. Love how you reformulated the “chattering monkey mind” using the Midwest farmer analogy of the chicken with its heat cut off! Very nice!

    Your ideas about consciousness are thought provoking. I’ve been trying to figure this out too. The metaphor I find best has a long history with philosophers of the Idealist school. Consciousness is like a light, but instead of illuminating, it gives being. Its quality is “is-ness”.

    The more or less aspect is the thing I wonder about. Is-ness isn’t more or less, it either is or isn’t. But certainly within that is-ness is an infinite panoply of states, ranging from just barely aware to the highest awareness of the abstract and indescribable heaven worlds. So yeah, I’m still working on getting my head around that.

    Anyway, really nice post! Thank you for sharing!

    Best wishes,


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  3. I thought your post was interesting. There is so much information about meditation, states of mind and the rest, and it’s hard to sift out what is useful from what isn’t. I enjoyed your bug in the box! When it happened to me it felt like I was awake for the first time in my life. Meditation doesn’t necessarily get you there, though. In fact, I have no idea what does. Great subject. Keep sharing your thoughts!

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