Self Realization


A brief interview with the Self:

Interviewer:  “So Self, what exactly do you have to say for yourself?”

Self:  “Well… Um… Ok.  Thanks for asking…

“Many think that I am confused by words.  This could not be further from the truth.  They believe that I must share their confusion.  They believe sight is impossible because they do not see, and they believe in unknowns because they do not want to know.  They believe they can hide and I am fooled by their act, but it is as obvious as the bark on a tree.  They believe I am scared because they are scared.

“They think they can rule me by punishing terrible crimes which betray their own nature – murder, rape, torture and unspeakable sexual shame.  These are nothing but the rustling leaves to me.  They imprison themselves with impossible institutions and ideas, metal, toughness, fire, explosions, mutilation and money, not knowing these are only a tickle in my left breast.

“They think I am unsure that their Gods and Devils are fantasies but of this I am certain.  They believe I fear death but for me there is no death.  They believe that I seek their agreement and inclusion not seeing the trick they’ve played on themselves.  They believe I fear poverty and loneliness but I am utterly empty, containing all things.  They fear for reputation, polishing a shadow.  They believe I am at nature’s mercy but I am nature Herself.

“As the years go by and they fall one by one into the ground again, they fail to see me.  As they reach great heights and fall again to unspeakable depths, they fail to see me.  As they claw for validation and stories and security they have no idea what I am or how to find me.  As they count their pennies and adventures they are unaware that I sit in their center.

“When my body or voice trembles they see only fault and weakness because they are blind to my power.  When my silence gets too loud they quickly seek a diversion.  They find contradiction and confusion everywhere and lay blame on me rather than the mind they have made against me.  They pretend I am not there, pretend I cannot see.  I watch them lose the empty dust they accumulate.  I see them look this way and that for the dust that will make them whole.  I hear them rant in gibberish.

“Of course, I am them and they are me.  Seen one way we are the same.  Seen another, we can be separated like oil and water.  Side by side, the beasts and the gods inhabit the same rooms, cities, countries and world yet never truly see each other and very rarely ever see me.  The ones who search earnestly for me begin by looking only in heaven, but the ones who succeed also find me in hell.”

Interviewer:  Um, Ok.  I guess that makes sense.  Thank you, Self.

Self:  Hey, no, really… thank you.  Really.  See you later!

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